Life, Mansplained: Why You Need Salt When It’s Hot

When it’s hot outside, you need to drink more water because water keeps your body cool.  And probably everybody and his brother has told you that eating salt is bad for you.

But when it gets really, really hot outside, sometimes you can get very sick from the heat.  And if the ambulance men come to help you, the first thing they’ll do is put a needle of something called “saline solution” into your arm.  “Saline solution” is just a fancy man-word for salt water.

See, too much salt is bad for you.  But when it’s very, very hot outside, you need a little bit of salt in your body to help you keep water in your body.  Salt is very good at helping the body hold on to water.  Why?

You’ve heard of strong worker men pouring salt on the roads when it’s icy or snowing and that’s because water loves salt.  As soon as water touches salt, it goes right into the salt crystals like magic.  With your body, it’s kinda the same.  If your body has a good amount of salt in it, the water in your body will say, “hey, I’m not leaving this body!  There’s salt in here and salt is my friend!”  So the salt tells the water to stay in your body and you don’t get sick.

So if it’s very hot outside and you don’t have air conditioning, or if you’re at the water park in your cute little bikini on a very hot day, be sure to eat some saltine crackers.  Drink lots of water, too!  Together, salt and water will make sure you don’t get sick.

See?  Simple enough for even a girl to understand.


So You Want To Build A Better Society?

It doesn’t take much.  Just a simple question to yourself:

“How does this affect others?”

If everyone asked themselves this question every time they did something, this is what would happen:

– you wouldn’t find an abandoned grocery cart in the middle of an aisle

– you wouldn’t be stuck behind someone in the passing lane who is obviously not passing anyone

– you would never find a car parked across two parking spaces

– you would find you’re a kinder, gentler person because everyone else is.

So instead of waiting for everyone else to make the first move, start asking the question of yourself – “how does what I’m doing negatively affect others?”

It’s that simple.  You improve society when you lead by example.



when i was a social justice warrior i felt like i was in a cult. there i said it lmao

It IS a cult.  They have their deity (”The Cause”), they have their priests (Linda Sarsour, etc.), they have laypeople (people in the cult), and they take their “offerings” from the taxpayer.  If you try to leave, they shame you, just like cults do.  If you speak evil of The Cause, they will tell you that you don’t have enough faith or that you’re not trying hard enough.

If it’s not a cult, it’s definitely a full-blown religion.