If you suck them, they will come.

(Sorry, I’m drunk again)


Lol you should drink more often, this is funny 😛

I’ve been told the following about my drinking habits:

“You write funnier stuff when you’re drunk.”

“My God, you’re deep when you’re drunk.”

“When you drink, your creativity seems to skyrocket.”

Truth is that about 2 months ago, I actually wrote a “Pros vs. Cons” list of why I should or shouldn’t become an alcoholic (lol … who does that?).  I had 19 points on the pros side, and the cons side only said, “because it’s bad for you.”

I should revisit that list and get a second opinion on the health effects. 😛


Well it definitely suits the visual of the tortured artist lol

Stop helping me add to the list! lol


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