As she falls asleep in your arms, slowly wrap your hand around her throat and give it a very subtle squeeze.

She’ll feel so secure by what you’re doing that she’ll reach for your forearm, smile, then cuddle down deeper into you for a long nap.

A hand around her throat means you’ve got everything under control, including her universe.


Before You Follow Me …

Know that I read the profile and blog of every single entity who follows me and will block on sight those who:

1) admit they are under the age of 18,

2) are a hookup service,

3) indicate they will be making money by reblogging material.

If your blog indicates you are any of these, expect to be blocked.  Minors, go play somewhere and enjoy your childhood.  Hookup sites and intellectual property thieves, you won’t be making money off my material … go get a job.

I’ve just blocked 4 underage people, one hookup site, and one blog that is clearly making money when they reblog my material.  I’ll block anyone in order to protect children and my intellectual property rights.


Men: Stop Leaving Your Families









It’s time I said this: if you get a girl pregnant, marry her.

Don’t be a d*** and leave your girl and children behind to fend for themselves.  Man up, for God’s sake, and take care of your family.

Don’t use excuses like “I’m not ready for a family.”  You were man enough to have sex without protection, so you’re man enough to provide for those who count on you.

Be a man and look after them.  Stop being such a piss poor excuse for a human being.

Man up.


While I agree with you about this………

Feminism has taught many women that men are not needed for children past “donating” DNA and most pregnant woman will either not tell you (cuz they hate feeling its an obligation by men) and go raise the kid without us or feel its some kind of penance. In short, men “leaving” is not always up to men.

Dude, if you get a feminist pregnant, that’s on you.

But no matter what, you have a responsibility – whether she’s feminist or not – to raise those children right, protect them, and provide for them.

And if you get a feminist pregnant, you have an even greater responsibility to raise those children to explain why feminism lies, what the lies are, present them with the data and facts, and prevent the mother of those children from filling their head with said lies.

Don’t fall into the trap of saying, “oh, feminism has bent social norms so that we don’t have a choice.”

Really?  Feminism taught men to be irresponsible?  Or maybe irresponsible men are just looking for a weak excuse to get out of a commitment.

I don’t buy it.  Not for one second.

Children did not ask to be victims of a screwed up ideology.  What they do ask for is the absolute truth.  And if you oppose feminism, you have a duty to stick around and show it to them.


Love this!! 😘


First, very few women nowadays will completely depend on a man (meaning they feel they need a backup plan like education) so yes my words are correct Feminism has taught (Feminism is taught as normal from 1st grade on), I did not say anything about getting a Feminist pregnant. Case-n-point @bubblesbubblesmybubbles is not a Feminist, but she wants to finish school.

As I said I agree with you on this. I am pointing out that a woman can get pissed if a man suggests marriage as being responsible or just not say anything (0 to 30-day relationships), either way, she can decide not to marry so in this sense it is beyond  a man’s control (just the way Feminism likes it)

Second, Feminism has allowed men to duck responsibility for kids and the Govt was complicit in paying single mothers since the 60′s. this has been changing as states hunt down deadbeat dads!

Okay food for thought here:

While I am most definitely not a feminist and do want to finish school (this is because I need a backup plan just in case the Man in my life falls on hard times, which is just responsible), I would of course get married to the Man who got me pregnant if he offered.

Firstly, I would not have sex with a Man that is unsuitable for me to marry. Secondly, stability for my family is more important than if I love a guy who knocks me up.

For what it’s worth from a young girl.

Okay everyone …

So why shouldn’t the man get a non-cauterized vasectomy or, better yet, just not have sex with a girl who has questionable integrity, scruples, or future?  If he wants to have children in the future, he can have a vasovasectomy.  Most insurance companies cover vasovasectomies and if not, they cost about $1,000, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than even 3 months of having a child.

Why is everyone justifying unnecessary sex that may result in a pregnancy?  Why not just keep your d*ck in your pants?  Do men really have that little self-control?

It’s not feminism or any other principle that has taught men that they can have consequence free sex.  It’s a lack of conscience and foresight.  

If you don’t want a girl to get pregnant, don’t f*ck her.  What’s so freaking complicated?


This is easy for us to say now, but there is a saying that has been backed up with research……a hard dick has no conscience……….It has been proven that as humans we logically know about contraception, but when adding substances that lower inhibitions (some people have the will and self-control to kick heroin cold turkey, but can’t stop from taking the hit if they are smashed and high) mixed with hormones bad decisions get made that is just reality.

Good Christ.  Such weak-ass excuses.

You seem to think I don’t understand where you’re coming from.  I got a girl pregnant and was in the delivery room when my child was born.  I actually delivered my child because the doctor had gone to Subway (no blame to the doctor, my girl delivered incredibly quickly).  Then I took her to court and won custody, then raised that child ALONE because I’m a man and lived up to my responsibilities.  And I won that case WHILE I was kicking cigarettes, an opioid addiction, and getting my Ph.D. at the same time.  So don’t talk to me about challenges.  You have absolutely no idea.

If you can’t control yourself while on alcohol or heroin, don’t take alcohol or heroin.  Why are people making this so much more complicated than it needs to be?  Children don’t give a fast damn about your excuses.  They just want their Daddy.  THAT is what matters in the end.  Not men’s pathetic excuses for why the system is rigged against them, or how science says they can’t control themselves.  Tell that to a young child who idolizes you.

If men can’t control their d*cks around women, they shouldn’t go near women.  It’s not Advanced Calculus, dude, it’s common sense.

What the F*CK is wrong with men when they think they can excuse piss-poor behaviour by saying “it’s scientifically proven?”  WTF is wrong with men?  We bang a chick because of a weakness, and we’re making children suffer for it?  Really?  We’re going to hold children hostage over this crap?  Real mature.

You know, if men used that excuse in front of any County Judge, he’d call them a complete a** and rightly so.  Here you are bitching about feminism altering social structure and you’re excusing men having no sense of personal self-responsibility or justice.  That’s not feminism that caused that, it’s men with a weak conscience and flawed logic looking for an excuse to have consequence free sex.  Nothing more.

Father, please show men some self-control.  Your Son drank wine until people accused him of being an alcoholic (Matthew 11:19), yet He remained a virgin throughout His life.  You said that nothing Your Son did was too difficult for us (John 14:12).  Please help us to do what He did by using common sense.