It’s A Man’s World, Ladies

It’s the spring holidays, and whether you’re celebrating Easter or the Passover, it’s important to remember a very simple rule to make your home a more pleasant place for guests:

Your job is to cook and to show hospitality to your guests.  It is not your job to inject opinions on politics, current events, or gossip about friends and family.  The quieter you are, the more you’ll be appreciated as an excellent hostess.

Whether you’ll be serving ham or matzoh this weekend, it’s always best to do so with your mouth closed.

Enjoy your holidays!


Why My Number Of New Followers Exploded 600% Today.

It’s really quite amazing.

Certain bloggers get terribly offended by my stuff, so they reblog it and leave their own nasty comments questioning my manhood, questioning whether or not I belong in the BDSM community (I’m not a member, so relax), and just generally showing themselves to be a little unhinged.

It’s the followers of those blogs that fascinate me.  They have some pretty open minds, so they want to find out what this Vintage In Stepford guy is all about.

They realize they actually like my stuff, they heart a few of my posts, then they click the “follow” button.

In fact, after “professional outrage” exploded on Tumblr at about 2pm today, my number of new followers skyrocketed to the highest level I’ve ever had on this blog or on my previous incarnation of VIS.

It’s amazing that while those who are outraged think they’re really “putting VIS in his place,” what they’re actually doing is helping their followers to realize things about themselves such as they don’t want rights, they like to be hit, they like the idea of being little more than a sextoy.  And they realize that all of this is done with an informed consent agreement in place.

So despite how I disagree with the nasty comments made about me, I want to thank those who have taken a stand against my blog.  The more you reblog and leave nasty comments, the quicker this blog grows.

[Edit: As of 11 pm, this number is now 842%.]


It appears that a group of people who disagree with my blog have decided to report me to Tumblr to have me banned.

This even though my profile states quite clearly that everything – and I do mean everything – I suggest requires informed consent by all parties involved.

So if my blog suddenly disappears sometime soon, don’t be concerned.  I’ll be back within a day or two.


Grab Her Ass In Public



One of the most powerful signals you can send to the world is that your girl is your property to do with as you please.

By grabbing and slapping your girl’s ass in public, something no other man would dare to do, you’re declaring, “she is mine and I’ll do to her whatever I wish.

In an age when governments and authorities are looking to undermine a man’s authority over his girl, nothing will get her wetter faster than a public declaration of ownership and control.


Anyway your woman isn’t your property and you can’t just do whatever you want with her you creep.

See what I mean, folks?  Authorities – even if they claim to be “traditional” – will try to tell you that YOUR girl is not truly YOUR girl.  They’ll try to convince you that you can’t do as you please even if you have a consent agreement in place.  This is the age when everybody thinks they’re an authority over your relationship.

By the way, folks, this woman claims she blocks sexist blogs “on sight” and demands that anyone messaging her “be respectful,” yet didn’t block my blog on sight and refuses to be respectful herself.  Sounds like pure hypocrisy to me.

@tradfems :

If you have consent, you can do as you please within the confines of that consensual agreement.

If you had read my profile before shooting your mouth off, you would know that all of my suggestions come with the caveat that consent has been given and obtained by both parties.  Instead, you chose the modern route of making an ass out of yourself before being fully informed.

To top it off, truly traditional girls don’t call people they don’t know by disrespectful names.  Once you get to know someone and their basic beliefs and philosophies, then you have a right to call someone a creep.  You know nothing about me or my work, so your insult comes off as ill-informed and – quite frankly – ignorant of all reason.

You’re obviously just a feminist masquerading as a traditionalist.  Either that, or you simply have no sense of integrity.

And that is to your shame.